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Free Phone Consultation

Get Free Phone Consultation about your Media status and data details. 

Data Analysis

we start data analysis as soon as received hard disk and update Hard Disk Status as much as possible

Data Recovery & Verification

Start Recovering data from Hard disk after find out whether Firmware or Physical issue. Verify Data with customers 

Data Delivery

We keep customer data confindentially and safe. Deliver data to customer after Verify data completely

trusted data Recovery Services

Whatever the reason for data loss, the experts at Oplus Data Recovery get back your critical data from all external & internal storage media irrespective of the operating system.

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Core Services

Hard Disk Repair & Service

Hard drive data recovery is the process of restoring the lost files from desktops, laptops,  servers, or any other computer system that depend on hard disk drives (HDDs) for data storage

SSD Repair & Service

With Oplus professional data recovery services, you have the best chance to get back your data from SSDs and flash drives. Oplus uses techniques to recover data from SSDs in all data loss situations

Memory Card Repair & Service

Oplus provide the best solutions to get back your deleted, corrupted, formatted photos, videos, etc. from SD cards which captured via DSLR, MILC, smartphone, compact digital camera, etc.

Flash Drive Repair & Service

Oplus offers a comprehensive data recovery solutions to recover data from pen drives from physically-damaged and logical data loss situations such as data deletion, formatting, corruption etc.,

Hard drive data recovery

When you lose data, you need to work with qualified experts who will take your case safely.  treat every cases with the same excellent care.

Data Recovery Online Training

OPLUS have courses which is specially designed for students from Basic to professionals who want to pursue a career where you can succeed in the field of data recovery profession . The courses are developed by well-versed experienced professionals and offer in-depth knowledge, which is relevant to the Data Recovery Field. Recover your investment by just completing one task.

Users who login can access our course materials online and study according to their convenience. They get Lifetime updates and useful notes that help them in shaping a better career.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Following are the symptoms of failed hard disk:

Hard disk is undetectable as well as not recognized by the system.

While connecting HDD the system fails to boot or hangs in the middle of booting process.

System BIOS is unable to detect the hard drive.

Hard drive isn’t spinning.

Hard disks are fragile.  Falls may cause damage to hard drive components such as platters, read/write arm, spindle, etc. To recover data from a damaged hard drive, you need to contact a data recovery expert.

Data recovery cost varies. It depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the situation, the capacity of the hard drive, etc. However, if there is physical damage to the hard drive, the procedure is more complex.

Manufacturing defects, mechanical failures

Overuse of HDD

Virus attack

Bad sectors

Worst environmental conditions—dust, heat, moisture


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